Hazardous Waste Management

In recent decades there has been a major environmental and health concern for the problems resulting for hazardous wastes. This concern is getting bigger due to the growth of industrial activities, which has increased the generation of these types of waste.

Likewise, this generation and a wrong management in separation, packing, storage, transport and disposal of hazardous waste is a major source of pollutants in soil and water. Therefore r3 offers service in the management of hazardous waste in the entire chain of operations with such materials as part of a comprehensive service.  

In advisory phases are:

  • Management of hazardous waste from source.
  • Classification of substance according to the applicable legal regulations.
  • Packing of hazardous waste for transport and disposal.
  • Transportation of hazardous waste according to the legal requirements.
  • Disposal of hazardous waste with certified companies and licensed in the use of incineration systems, security cells, encapsulation or landfills.


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