The implementation of our projects are aligned and adapted under British framework for assessing the sustainability of soil and water remediation developed by "Sustainable Remediation Forum Uk" (SuRF UK). This framework is supported by legislation and experience of the countries of the UK, which have led projects for sustainable remediation of major worldwide with excellent results and always keeping in principle the use of innovative options according to the development of science.
The development of the projects has been designed in two phases, some of the activities include:

Phase 1. Analysis and risk assessment

  • Preliminary study – Desk study.
  • Inspection visit
  • Sample strategy under the national and international standars NTC 3656, ISO 10381-1:2002 y  ISO 10381-2:2002
  • Contaminated Land Exposure Assessment  - CLEA
  • Development of contamination distribution map.
  • Development of conceptual model of sustainability
  • Remedial Options Appraisal

Etapa 2. Remediation Strategy

  • Design of the remediation strategy
  • Preparation of the implementation plan
  • Implementation
  • Monitoring
  • Restoration

Our service depends on the particular requirements of each customer and their individual situation facing the remediation of soil or water sources. The procedure for the development of each project is carried out according to the following flowchart.